On 08.06.2021 was held the kick-off for the participation of the Fraunhofer Production Systems and Design Technology Institute (IPK), in the project FERA – Additively Manufactured Tools. Under the coordination of the Competence Center in Manufacturing of the Aeronautics Institute of Technology (CCM-ITA), the FERA project was approved in Line-IV of the Route 2030 program coordinated by Fundep and counts with the participation of 4 Institutes of Science and Technology (ISTs) and 25 industrial partners from several sectors of the automotive productive chain (see partners in the link https://rota2030.fundep.ufmg.br/linha4/projetos/fera/). Also part of the cooperation, as ISTs, are the Senai Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Systems and Laser Processing (ISI Laser) and the Institute for Research and Technology of the State of São Paulo (IPT).

The overall objective is to increase the maturity of metal additive manufacturing technologies for the Brazilian tooling sector according to specific competitiveness goals. During three years, three application cases will be studied, based on latent industrial demands: 1) semi-automated repair of stamping tools, 2) additive manufacturing of complex geometries (injection molds and cutting tools) and 3) additive manufacturing of devices and spare parts. The Fraunhofer Project Center for Advanced Manufacturing @ ITA participates in this project with contributions developed both at CCM-ITA and Fraunhofer IPK. Within the scope developed by CCM-ITA, one can list the evaluation of surface integrity and simulations of additive manufacturing processes. The Fraunhofer IPK will concentrate on the semi-automation of tool repair through the development of algorithms for point cloud processing, as well as on the direct energy deposition (DED) process with multi-axis strategies. In addition, Fraunhofer IPK will survey the international status of the industrial use of additive manufacturing in tooling applications. ISI Laser will participate in the project with its competence in metal additive manufacturing processes and IPT will add its metallurgical expertise.

Immersions in the ISTs are planned throughout the project, where the industrial partners can verify the achieved results and get in touch with other relevant technologies and concepts for the competitiveness of the Brazilian toolmakers.

The FPC@ITA team wishes all its partners an excellent project!