In a proposal approved by the “EMBRAPII Public Call 04/2020” of the Route 2030 Program, ITA was accredited to host a new EMBRAPII Unit (UE), which will be headed by CCM-ITA, by Prof. Ronnie Rego. The UE CCM-ITA focuses on the automotive sector and may also develop projects for other sectors, such as aeronautics, agriculture, or energy, where the powertrain theme continuously demands new performance levels.

Embrapii, a Social Organization qualified by the Public Authorities since 2013, has as its mission to contribute to the innovation and competitiveness of Brazilian industry through the collaboration of industry with research institutes and universities and has the agility of contracting, with pre-approved resources, as one of its great advantages over other means of funding.
The importance of the new UE CCM-ITA accreditation is to contribute to the effort to increase the number of projects and companies conducting industrial research nationally. The possibilities of international partnership also increase with the cooperation network that Embrapii has with Cornet and IraSME, two European institutions that facilitate RD&I projects with a regional promotion style, in which the resources do not cross borders and each institution is promoted in its country, a model that promotes the reduction of contracting costs and increases the chances of partnerships with institutes and companies in Europe.
The accreditation of the UE CCM-ITA is celebrated with the expectation of demonstrating the tangible results of the added value that these RD&I initiatives will return to society.