Principais Áreas de Competência
Criação Virtual de Produtos

As principais áreas de competência compreendem serviços similares e complementares oferecidos pelo Fraunhofer IPK em Berlim e pelo CCM-ITA em São José dos Campos. O IPK e o CCM oferecem uma grande gama de produtos e serviços em seus portfólios.


Gerenciamento do Ciclo de Vida do Produto (PLM)
PDM/PLM Competence Center

Efficient introduction of PDM/PLM for product data integration and transparent processes

Trends and professionalization in product lifecycle management

Methodical basis for the management of complex systems

Methodical data flow analysis

Holistic understanding of the engineering environment

InovaAKAER – Technological Development & Qualification for Manufacturing

Development of a demonstrator, exercising the state-of-the art tools for Integrated Product Development (IPD), considering the whole lifecycle of the product

Serviços inteligentes e análise de dados
Cockpit 4.0

Semantic product data for engineering

Smart Service Customization

Utilization of life cycle data through data-driven business models

Sistemas ciberfísicos e gêmeos digitais
Smart Factory 4.0

Digital twins

Digital twins

Bidirectional networking and synchronization of physical and virtual objects


Data preparation for data analytics

Digital twins for smart services

Platform-centric and data-centered value creation models

Engenharia Sustentável: gerenciamento e avaliação de compliance para o projeto e engenharia de sistemas de produtos sustentáveis
E³ Production – Efficient, Emission-Neutral, Ergonomic

Transforming maximum profit from minimum capital investment into maximum added value from minimum resources

Circular Economy und MBSE

Leveraging Circular Economy through a Methodology for Smart Service Systems Engineering

Sistemas CAD-CAE
Smart Hybrid Prototyping

Fast and efficient solution for evaluating mechatronic products in the early development phases

Digital factory and inspection methods

Digitalization and networking changing the way manufacturing companies produce their products

Prediction of residual stress through numerical model simulation and influence on fatigue life of crankshafts submitted to deep rolling process

Development of a numerical modeling of the deep-rolling and the comparison with fatigue tests performed on crankshaft specimens

Performance Assessment of Machine Tools Based on Structural Stiffness

Mapping the machine’ structural behavior and its influence on the geometrical accuracy of a machined part

Engenharia de Sistemas Baseada em Modelos (MBSE)
Model Based Systems Engineering

Procedures and methods for the development of complex systems

Realidade virtual e aumentada

Virtual commissioning with Smart Hybrid Prototyping

Virtual Reality Solution Center

Development of customized VR applications

Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality

Development of prototypes at CCM-ITA and systematic experimental evaluation through extensive experimentation and data analysis

Projeto centrado em pessoas
Digital development of the future

New methods in terms of technology, organization and processes for engineering workplaces of the future

Sistemas CAM-CAPP
Smart Factory 4.0

Digital twins

Manufatura digital
Industrie 4.0

Flexible Transparent Manufacturing

Sequencing line of automotive door panels

Analyze production requirements so that the sequencing line of automotive doors meets the demand requested by the client

Resource Efficient Production in Brazil

Development of a method to transfer knowledge and the ability to conduct research and consulting projects in the field of resource efficiency in production, performing the analysis of the energy potential of the waste, identifying the potential for recycling and reuse of the same

Remanufacturing versus Manufacturing

Comparation between a newly manufactured automobile suspension component and a remanufactured one

Production line automation

Improvement of the machining operation parameters of cast parts and identification of the number of robots necessary to automate the production line

Layout optimization

Identification of optimized layout solutions in terms of detailed production indicators (lead time, distance traveled by workers, required area, number of parts manufactured)

Simulação de ergonomia

Soft robotic orthosis with intelligent motion monitoring and real-time feedback

InovaAKAER – Technological Development & Qualification for Manufacturing

Development of a demonstrator, exercising the state-of-the art tools for Integrated Product Development (IPD), considering the whole lifecycle of the product

Desenvolvimento de novos conceitos de produtos e equipamentos de teste - DIP - Desenvolvimento Integrado de Produto
Development of analysis tools for mechanical vehicle systems

Development of tools for analysis of vehicular mechanical systems for gears and crankshafts

Ball Rod - Development of a Rolling Contact Fatigue Test Bench -

Planning the revitalization and optimization of a bench for performing rolling contact fatigue tests with the "ball-rod" concept

Development of a horizontal shaft rotor and verticalized power transmission system focused on downtime and maintenance cost reduction - Phase 1

Assessment of the technical feasibility of developing a horizontal shaft rotor wind turbine and verticalized power transmission

Application of the Hall Effect for the Assessment of Thermal Damage

Investigation of the proposal for a method of surface magnetic scanning through the Hall effect, without the use of component magnetization