Types of Services / Cooperation

Consultancy Services

The FPC@ITA develops solutions for the design and management of manufacturing companies – such as organizational and business models, business processes and process organization. In this context we deal with corporate strategies and their planning, knowledge management and benchmarking, process control and information transfer.

Development of innovation strategies and management structures for industry
Customer feedback

Carlos Rodolfo Schneider, head of Ciser Porcas e Parafusos

Innovation benchmarking shaping long-term strategic planning

Identification of trends in new materials, production technology, products, services and business models

Strategic planning and management of R&D organizations

Competence Center Innovation Structures and Systems


Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute

Strategic Planning of Applied Research Institutes in Brazil

Support the management of the national network of innovation institutes


Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control

Development of regional and national innovation systems

Competence Center Innovation Structures and Systems

Dubai Institute of Technology

Development and implementation of a business plan

Dubai Medium-Term Economic Plan 2011-2015

Promotion a knowledge based economy

American University of Sharjah

Developing a contemporary business plan for a research, technology and innovation park in Sharjah


Capacity Building for Research Evaluation in Vietnam

R&D Governance in Egypt

Technical assistance for the evaluation of the R&D policies and practices

Development of fast Industrie 4.0 prototypes
Suitcase 4.0

Fast networking of machines and systems for production planning and tracking of special orders

Strategic planning for digital transformation - Industrie 4.0 metamorphoses

The path to an intelligent and networked factory

Model-based company development & business process management
Process management

Process-oriented management systems for corporate planning and controlling

Higher efficiency and productivity through digitization of business process

The path to an intelligent and networked factory

Indicator-based benchmarking studies
Information Center Benchmarking

Process, product and performance benchmarking

Design of (global) quality processes, systems and organizational structures
Qualification for the work of tomorrow

Development of competences in realistic learning environments

How to initiate cooperation with the FPC@ITA? 

  • Company approaches the Fraunhofer Project Center for Advanced Manufacturing @ ITA with an inquiry
  • Definition of project scheme
  • The international team of experts, together with the company, discuss and defines and the project scope, demands and requirements
  • The members of the FPC@ITA propose the best contract model for hiring the FPC@ITA, which depends on the division of work and financing source
  • A proposal is developed by the team of FPC@ITA
  • The contract between the parties is prepared and the company places the order (non-disclosure agreements can also be prepared in parallel)
  • FPC@ITA carries out the project
  • Presentation of results upon project completion