Types of Services / Cooperation

R&D Projects

Innovation and technology are indispensable for the success of a modern industry. Therefore the investment in research is a very powerful tool to achieve competitive gains. The FPC@ITA offers 100% customized Research and Development (R&D) projects. These are bilateral projects that join together the Brazilian and German Innovation Systems in order to present our partners with the most modern and trending technologies from our competence areas. We prepare solutions to problems that will become relevant for industrial or commercial applications in five or ten years’
time. In this way, we make an important contribution to the development of new technologies and markets relevant to the future.

We have extensive experience in finding the right research partners for you, as well as putting together and coordinating research consortia. We identify suitable funding opportunities for collaborative research projects and manage the application process. We support you in the strategic planning, application and implementation of funded projects and are at your disposal as a contact point for project plans, project ideas and cooperation requests for international cooperation projects.


Niobium Carbide as Cutting Tool Material

Investigating the suitability of NbC for use as a cutting tool in dry cylindrical longitudinal turning processes

Lightweight Components for Large Jets

From AM process design to finished prototypes

Development and optimization of process chains for the micro mold industry

Micro milling and micro die-sinking EDM technologies

How to initiate cooperation with the FPC@ITA? 

  • Company approaches the Fraunhofer Project Center for Advanced Manufacturing @ ITA with an inquiry
  • Definition of project scheme
  • The international team of experts, together with the company, discuss and defines and the project scope, demands and requirements
  • The members of the FPC@ITA propose the best contract model for hiring the FPC@ITA, which depends on the division of work and financing source
  • A proposal is developed by the team of FPC@ITA
  • The contract between the parties is prepared and the company places the order (non-disclosure agreements can also be prepared in parallel)
  • FPC@ITA carries out the project
  • Presentation of results upon project completion