Types of Services / Cooperation


The Fraunhofer Project Center for Advanced Manufacturing @ ITA offers specialized trainings and specialization courses in a wide range of trending industrial topics regarding the Industry 4.0. Currently, FPC@ITA offers two types of specialization programs, the hands-on program for a more practical approach in trending industrial topics and the latu sensu program that offers a more theoretical approach. It is also offered a customized training, in which our partner defines what will be covered in the training as well as a theoretical or practical emphasis for the training. The trainings can have modules in Brazil and an immersion week in Germany to comprehend better the German Innovation System and the Fraunhofer Institute.

Examples of Successful Trainings:

Specialization in Industrie 4.0

Theory and praxis for the training of leaders in the Industrie 4.0

Specialization in Advanced Industry (SENAI)
Specialization in Advanced Manufacturing

Formation of specialists with certification from the Technological Institute of Aeronautics

I 4.0 for Textile Industry
Training on Industrie 4.0 for the textile industry

In-house competence development for the advanced industry

How to initiate cooperation with the FPC@ITA? 

  • Company approaches the Fraunhofer Project Center for Advanced Manufacturing @ ITA with an inquiry
  • Definition of project scheme
  • The international team of experts, together with the company, discuss and defines and the project scope, demands and requirements
  • The members of the FPC@ITA propose the best contract model for hiring the FPC@ITA, which depends on the division of work and financing source
  • A proposal is developed by the team of FPC@ITA
  • The contract between the parties is prepared and the company places the order (non-disclosure agreements can also be prepared in parallel)
  • FPC@ITA carries out the project
  • Presentation of results upon project completion